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The Juggling Marionette
Landscape Prints
Limited Edition signed and numbered Giclee print
This image was created in 1995 from the series, "Figures". The print is also available framed museum quality in a black frame for an additional $45.00. The original is for sale on the Drawings page.
  Price $25.00 

Signed and numbered Pearl mural Giclee print
This Giclee print, signed, and numbered, is available for framing for an additional $200.
  Price $375 

Signed Giclee Print, Candy Dancers
From the Painting on Paper, Candydancers, 2008. Large Size 32" by 48", Medium 20" by 30", Small 8" by 12". Signed by the artist.
Candy Dancers Giclee Print
  Price $30 

Signed Giclee Print, Somewhere a Perfect Garden
From the Painting on Paper, Somewhere a Perfect Garden, 2008. Large Size 32" by 48", Medium 20" by 30", Small 8" by 12". Signed by the artist.
Somewhere a Perfect Garden, Giclee Print
  Price $30 

Small prints, each sold separately.
Here are giclee prints of drawings from my sketchbook. The square drawings are approx. 5 ' x 5" on 13" square paper, the rectangles 6" x 9" on 13" x 16" paper. Also available framed museum quality for an additional $25. The originals are available in the Drawings section.
  Price $25.00 

   Many of the items for sale are simple to ship. Some are not. For example, most small Monotypes, Drawings, and Prints can be shipped anywhere in the US for $6.00. Larger canvasses need a crate and are shipped by freight. You may call me at 585-770-0715 or email at to answer any questions about ordering or shipping. Thank you!